Bed Frame Leg -plastic

Bed Frame Leg -plastic

Price: $ 10.00

3-inch leg for a metal bed frame. Allows a bed rail sit inside the 0.75 inch opening of this plastic leg. Includes a single replacement glide. This foot for bed frames provides 3 inch height to your bed frame leg. For use on hardwood flooring and carpeting or rugs. Injected molded glide made with black Enduron plastic provides maximum support and strength.

Item Number: 1081

Web Id:bedFrameGlide

Model Number: QUEEN

Manufacturer: Furniture Parts

Brands: Bed Frames

Specifications: Length 3" x Width 3" x Height 3-3/4". Total height is 3.75", adds 3" to the bed frame leg..

Color: Brown

Condition: Used

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