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    1. Each customer is required to read entire Terms Summary below.

    2. Customer's refusal to read, understand, or accept our policies may result in order cancellation.

    3. All sales are final. All items are sold AS IS. We do not accept any refunds, returns, or exchanges. However, we strive to provide a quality shopping experience for you. We thoroughly inspect and test all items. We will describe any cosmetic flaws or issues in item overview.

    4. We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time. Cancellation may be the result of any error on our part or any suspicion of fraud. We may not to tell the reasons for cancellation. Any payments submitted prior to our canceling of the order will be returned to originator's credit card.

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    4. If Customer provides incomplete address (example, without Suite Number, c/o Name, etc.) and the items are returned to us by shipping provider, Customer will be charged Standard Flat Rate for returned shipping and one more Standard Flat Rate Shipping Charge if Customer desires to have the item shipped the second time with Complete Address information.


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    1. We do not accept any returns.


    1. We do not allow any exchanges.

    2. If we shipped you a wrong item, we will pay for shipping the item back to us and for shipping the correct item to you.


    1. We do not issue refunds.

    2. We do not refund any moneys submitted to us in error.

    3. If you placed an order and later changed your mind about the item, we will NOT refund the payment. Please remember that all sales are final.


    1. We do not provide any warranty. All items are sold AS IS. We test and inspect our used merchandise for sale.

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    4. We do not issue tracking numbers. However, if you request a tracking number with your order, you will be able to view status of your package on the carrier's website:


    1. We offer international shipping to any country outside of the USA.

    2. Expedited shipping is not available for international orders.

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    5. International cutomers must choose international shipping rate in the drop down menu. Note, international rates may be increased by shipping carriers without prior notice. In the processing of your order, we will immediately contact you by email with the link requesting an additional payment for shipping. International customers will also have the choice to cancel the order and receive a full refund if shipping charge was underpaid.

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